Signaturit stands as a prominent leader in the legaltech industry, being recognized as a qualified trust service provider (QTSP). Renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in electronic signature, certified delivery, and electronic identification, Signaturit simplifies digital processes while ensuring comprehensive legal and security guarantees.


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Services provided

Branding implementation

Website design



The history

In 2019, Signaturit approached our team with a web platform developed internally by their IT department. However, the organizational challenges associated with implementing changes on the website were substantial. With an established international presence and a pivotal role played by marketing, Signaturit’s strategy necessitated swift web updates that couldn’t rely solely on the development/IT roadmap. Consequently, this situation hindered the seamless deployment of marketing campaigns and severely constrained the capacity and agility of their marketing team.

The solution

In light of these challenges, Signaturit sought our assistance in providing a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that would enable them to implement new campaigns and strategic changes quickly and securely. This required the development of a new website that would serve as a foundation for their evolving needs. While Signaturit already had an in-house design team, their workload managing multiple campaigns necessitated additional design expertise. Hence, our collaborative efforts with their design team aimed to create a fresh website design and establish the new distinctive Signaturit brand.

"Insideers has been our key partner for the past 2 years. We count on them to land our best ideas into real projects. Their team is an extension of our resources. We trust them and do believe in our long-term partnership."

Graciel Barbieri

Chief Marketing Officer

The outcome

Following a brief pause induced by the pandemic, the project progressed steadily and culminated in the successful launch of the revamped website in 2020. Even within the legaltech domain, the website exuded a modern aura, with a primary focus on showcasing the product. This achievement forged a lasting partnership with Signaturit, characterized by recurrent collaboration that endures to this day. Throughout our ongoing engagement, we have delivered a wide array of tasks, encompassing marketing automation, integrations, growth marketing, as well as the implementation of new features and sections on their website and blog.