A long story short.

Jordi Sintes and David Medina met in 2016 while working with the promising start-up, Red Points.

Over the next few years, they embed themselves in the Red Points team, a fast-paced, results-driven environment.

Together they delivered growth hacks, marketing assets, websites, and tech integrations for the Red Points commercial team. The company grew 10X, and referrals and requests for their skills were coming in from all directions.

After several years of working together in different B2B SaaS companies, David and Jordi made their professional partnership formal, with the creation of INSIDEERS in 2019.

We were created with three key values in mind


1 — We won’t settle for average

We want to give projects our all. Everything we produce has to be creative, targeted, effective, and make us proud.”


2 — We want partnerships not accounts

Our success is built on the strength of the business relationship. We want friendly relationships with like-minded clients, where we see each other as people, not just an agency and a client. Being informal might seem unimportant but in our experience, it makes communication more fluid and the work more productive.


3 — We want to be the safe bet

Signing an agency is a big commitment and we know our clients put a lot of trust in us. We want our clients to feel safe with us, so we ensure that everything we deliver is up to their standards and helps them reach their goals. We want our clients to feel confident that we can deliver great quality on time, always.

About our company culture


Anyone can
speak up

Obviously we have leaders, but we encourage our team to come up with ideas, draw their own conclusions, and suggest new ways of doing things. Nobody ever became an expert without experience and experimentation.


We are not robots

Working in a marketing agency can be stressful sometimes. We really try to create a culture of caring and compassion, where we take into account the needs of individual employees.


It’s who you are not where you are

We have an office but we value work ethic and character above location, so work from wherever you want, simple.


Respect first

We know that respecting our colleagues is a must, as everything else is built on that.

Who are we?


Jordi A Sintes

Co-founder and head of technology


David Medina

Co-founder and head of design


Paula Castel

UI and visual designer


Mario Santamaría

Web developer