Sekondary was created by Alex Bisbe, former CEO and founder of Whisbi. The proposal of Sekondary aims to provide liquidity to Business Angels and key employees by facilitating the exchange of stock options and phantom shares through its own exchange platform.



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The Challenge

As a newly created brand with a unique product in the market, direct competition is non-existent, and therefore, references are scarce. This makes brand positioning a real challenge as there are no established players in the market to emulate or distance oneself from in terms of conceptualization.
Finally, the entire identity project had to be designed with the end goal of being applied to a website that could reflect and explain this new product to potential clients and investors.

The Solution

However, being a company with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mentality, we were able to lay the foundation by referring to projects previously developed by INSIDEERS and set a course for a brand based on the concepts of “Confidence,” “Security,” and “Premium Quality.”

Simultaneously, the idea of providing liquidity to Business Angels and key employees takes on special relevance in this visual identity, as the exchange of shares and options within the platform is facilitated. That is why the abstract imagery of the new visual identity starts from the core concept of liquidity provision.

Once the new logo, colors, typography, and type of illustration to be used were defined, we had to channel all that identity into its new website. Considering that we had the premise that the texts are directed at legal roles, we anticipated encountering long texts. Therefore, everything depended on generating minimalist content structures that could effectively present all the necessary information on the website in a concise and impactful manner.

"Huge thanks to the INSIDEERS team for creating an amazing visual identity for Sekondary! Their talent and dedication have left a lasting impression, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Looking forward to our continued collaboration in the future.".

Alex Bisbe

Co-founder and CEO

The Result

After gathering all the information, collecting possible references, and defining the direction Sekondary should take, the project resulted in a brand that exudes minimalism, with a pseudo-abstract imagery that reflects the product concepts while taking into account the sense of security and seriousness that both the brand and the product require.

Likewise, we delivered a website focused on the importance of texts, where there is a noticeable hierarchy of information that allows the user to analyze the headlines, and if curiosity arises, they can delve deeper into each of the concepts.

As a bonus, and as a distinctive feature of the website, we developed the Light/Dark Mode functionality to give that point of synchrony with the current exchanges and value chart analysis tools, which usually come equipped with this feature.