Red Points

Red Points is a leading software company specializing in brand protection and intellectual property (IP) enforcement. With a cutting-edge technology platform, they empower businesses to safeguard their brand reputation and combat online infringements.


B2B SaaS

Services provided

Branding implementation

Marketing assets design

Website design

Back-end development


The Story

Our collaboration with Red Points began in 2016, even before the establishment of INSIDEERS. This account sheds light on the significant role Red Points played in shaping our expertise as a B2B SaaS agency.

At the time, Red Points faced challenges with an underdeveloped and error-prone website that posed management difficulties. These obstacles hindered the implementation of an ambitious and innovative marketing strategy, which required substantial web enhancements, as well as the creation of various marketing materials and campaigns. Fortunately, the design aspect was already addressed, thanks to the involvement of David, one of the founders of INSIDEERS. To tackle the development needs, Jordi, the other INSIDEERS founder, joined the team.

The Solution

Within this context, the collaboration between David and Jordi became pivotal in generating and implementing effective campaigns. The seamless cooperation and agility across different marketing disciplines, such as automation, content, SEO, and more, played a key role in executing actions aligned with the marketing strategy.

Despite operating as freelancers at the time, we fully integrated ourselves into the Red Points team. Our work was characterized by effective communication, agility, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results.

"Insideers have been, more than an extension of our team, a part of it. Their talent and commitment exceeded my expectations since day one."

Sergi Garcia

Chief Marketing Officer

The Result

Over the course of 7 years, we engaged in numerous projects encompassing marketing initiatives and cross-functional endeavors. These included defining the corporate image and actively contributing to the development of Red Points’ logo between 2019 and 2022. Our work involved designing assets for physical and digital events, creating merchandising materials for welcome packs, developing ebooks, crafting engaging landing pages and advertisements, implementing user tracking scripts, and constructing numerous landing pages, websites, and sections. Additionally, we proposed and executed various growth hacks and undertook other tasks. Ultimately, the Red Points project epitomizes our ability to design essential assets and support the marketing department in implementing diverse functionalities and technologies.