ForceManager is a user-friendly CRM software that automates data collection and reporting, and provides geolocation capabilities for customer management. Its advanced analysis of sales force behavior identifies areas for optimization and improvement, helping companies enhance their performance and competitiveness.


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Branding implementation

Website design


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The Challenge

The formidable challenge facing Forcemanager was one of a perceptual nature, an issue that is often insidious and can affect businesses of all sizes. After years of maintaining a web design that had become obsolete, the brand was confronted with the dire need to update its website aesthetics. The inconsistent codebase, a byproduct of the involvement of various professionals in the development process, had compounded its operational efficiency, and the web framework’s complexity had exacerbated its scalability issues. Subsequently, the website’s suboptimal performance, coupled with poor technical implementation, presented severe Search Engine Optimization (SEO) complications.

The Solution

The ideal solution to this quagmire required a comprehensive overhaul of the brand’s image, featuring new and contemporary product images that were in sync with modern aesthetics. An essential aspect of this strategy was the implementation of the new design on a WordPress platform that was scalable, and yielded optimal performance results, ultimately enhancing Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings.

“The incredible attention to details of Insideers is one of the things that impressed us the most. We really felt we were working with high level professionals on both Wordpress development, design assets and product images. We truly work with them as if they were part of our marketing team.”
Diego Pizzocaro ForceManager

Diego Pizzocaro

Chief Marketing Officer

The Result

Working hand-in-hand with the Forcemanager team, we successfully navigated the complexities of the situation, creating a new, colorful, and modern graphic design that expertly encapsulated the brand’s ethos. The revamped website boasted of an enhanced text hierarchy, skillfully highlighting critical points of interest that users needed to be aware of. The clean design system featured ample space, which facilitated easy reading and navigation, while reducing the users’ cognitive load.In conclusion, the project was a monumental success, resulting in an easily manageable, scalable website with optimal performance metrics, offering a massive improvement from the previous version.