A platform that specializes in integrating User Generated Content (UGC) using advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence automations. It provides efficient and seamless UGC integration, making it an ideal choice for brands looking to leverage UGC to enhance their digital presence and engage with their audience.


B2B SaaS

Services provided

Branding implementation

Website design


Back-end development


The Challenge

When Flowbox and Photoslurp merged into a single brand, Flowbox, they faced the challenge of unifying their two websites while improving their SEO and user engagement. They also needed to revamp their website design to adapt to the qualities of a SaaS website.

The Solution

To address these challenges, our team devised a comprehensive plan to merge the two websites and create a cohesive online presence for Flowbox. We applied the structure and concept of Photoslurp to the branding of Flowbox, adding bespoke design details and flourishes to create a visually stunning website that engages users.

To showcase Flowbox’s products, we redesigned all the images on the website, resulting in striking visuals that effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition. Our spacious and minimalist design approach generated a significant impact on the product images, increasing user engagement and improving the overall user experience.

"We wanted our new website project to be completed quickly and efficiently. We were really impressed by the level of professionalism displayed by the team as well as how agile they were when it came to implementing solutions. Insideers really care about designing and developing the best website possible but above all, they care about respecting the deadlines and the scope of the project, which was of the utmost importance to us."

Davy Laudet

Head of Marketing & Growth

The Result

Our efforts paid off with a website that has clear content, is easy to navigate, and emphasizes product images to attract and retain users. The website includes an animation that conceptually explains how Flowbox functions, making it easy for users to understand the brand’s value. The resulting merge of content from both sites was seamless and had no negative impact on SEO.

We are proud to report that after the launch of the new website, Flowbox’s organic traffic not only remained steady but also increased. Our client was thrilled with the outcome and the positive impact it had on their business.